Drexel College of Engineering takes great pride in being ranked one of the top engineering institutions in the country. We understand that becoming a new student can be a bit overwhelming at times. Some of the differences between Drexel and other universities are:

  • Immediate, hands-on engineering design in your freshman year
  • Exposure to industry standard engineering software packages
  • Increasingly open-ended, independent decision making within projects
  • Paid, real-world learning opportunities that expand your experience, marketability, and professional network

Freshman Year Objectives

Our freshman year objective is to educate students about the engineering departments and facilities at Drexel. In addition, students will be exposed to engineering software packages, including Pro/Engineer and MATLAB, while also being introduced to fundamental engineering concepts, such as:

  • Data collection, interpretation, and analysis
  • Approximation
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Closed-loop systems

Of course, students will have math, science, and English courses during their freshman year, but they also have the opportunity to engage in hands-on engineering design beginning in their first term. Please visit the Freshman Courses page to learn more.

During freshman year, students will receive an introduction to all engineering programs offered at Drexel and will have until the beginning of their sophomore year to decide on a major. View the list of Departments and Majors for more information.

About This Site

This website houses the content management system for the courses in the freshman year curriculum. As of right now, this website serves content for the following courses:

  • ENGR 100 - Introduction to CAD
  • ENGR 101 - Engineering Design Lab I
  • ENGR 102 - Engineering Design Lab II
  • ENGR 103 - Engineering Design Lab III

You can come here to view announcements and resources for any of the above courses. This website does not house grades or web-based assignments however. Those functionalities can be found within Bb Learn at http://learning.drexel.edu. For transcripts, course add/drop, financial aid information, and all other related inquiries go to DrexelONE at http://one.drexel.edu.