Course-wide Announcements

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Week 10 Announcements, Final Presetation Schedule

The Week 10 presentation schedule has been posted on the course website ( under Week 10 Lab Resources. If your group is missing, or scheduled to a time outside your normal lab period, please contact Victoria Cahn ( immediately. Aside from scheduling errors, requests to move group presentation times will not be granted.

Externally advised groups that have not yet been scheduled should coordinate a suitable time with their advisor ASAP. A list of available time slots will be send to external advisors today.

Final report and presentation - Both final reports and presentations are due in Week 10. They must be uploaded to BbLearn prior to your presentation. Be sure to review the grading rubrics and instructions documents prior to submitting.

  • You will have 10 minutes to present with 2 minutes of Q&A. Presentations will start promptly on 15 minute intervals.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early. Groups/members that miss their scheduled time will receive a zero.
  • If you are giving a demo, it is strongly recommended that you also have a video backup in case of hardware malfunctions
  • Your group must provide a laptop with slides preloaded. Projectors have VGA connectors, so plan accordingly.

Attending other final presentations - You are required to attend a minimum of 5 other presentations during the week. Two of these may be in your normally scheduled lab section, but the other three must be during other lab period times. You will be required to sign in to each presentation to receive credit.

Content to include on your website - On your group's website, please include PDF versions of the Project Proposal, Final Report, and Final Presentation. This requirement was omitted from the website requirements document.

IEEE poster competition - Monday, May 10, 11am - 1pm

Please take note of the upcoming IEEE student chapter freshman design poster competition.

Posters will be displayed in the ExCITe Center on June 10th from 11am to 1pm
Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 posters
Email questions to


3:4 aspect ratio (printed size will be 36”x48” )
Background must be white
Should be either a .pdf, .ppt, or .jpeg
Include an excel or csv file with group member names and DrexelOne user IDs (xyz12)
Emailed posters and excel file to
Submission deadline: 5:00pm, June 4th

Drexel IEEE has created a facebook event in which the important information about the event as well as information about how to create an engineering poster have been posted.
Please find attached a set of slides on creating effective technical posters.


Week 6 announcements - website check, group info sheets, draft final report

Please be aware of the following:

- There is a website check this week and you are expected to have your site up to date. See the website instructions and grading rubric ( for requirements.

- Group information sheets must be competed by Friday, 5/10. One member of your group must log into the BbLearn page for the Lecture section (not the lab) and complete a short information form. There is a ling on the front page titled " ENGR 103 Group Information". You are asked for the following:

--- Section Number - if you are on a Bossone lab section, choose the lowest lab section number of the two concurrent labs, e.g. for section 079/094, you should indicate 079.
--- Group Number
--- Group Topic -  the title of your project
--- Group Members
--- Blog Address
--- Advisors Name

- Draft final reports are due next week. See the course website for the template and grading rubric.