Course-wide Announcements

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Week 5 Announcement: Library quiz, Rubrics posted

A few notes for the upcoming weeks:

Library quiz - On the BbLearn lab section page, see the "Library Resources" tab and the "Graded Library Exercises" link. This quiz is required and must be completed by Friday 5pm.

Grading rubrics have been posted on the course website. Make sure you review these when preparing your website, final report, and presentation.

Website check #2 - This will be conducted in Week 6. make sure to review the website instructions and rubric for required components and grading guidelines.

Dean's lecture, scholarship opportunity, Philly Science Festival

A few announcements:

- Today, April 17, The Dean's Lecture Series will feature Dr. Adam Fontecchio discussing the newly formed ExCITe center. Its mission is to broaden STEM and STEAM education and research at Drexel. See the attached flyer for information.

- See the attached slides, given at Monday's lecture, for an upcoming scholarship opportunity targeted to freshman and sophomores.

- The Philly Science Festival runs April 18-28, with a day of presentations and demonstrations in Mitchell auditorium and Bossone lobby on Monday April 22. No lecture will be held that day so that you can attend these events.