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Welcome to ENGR 103

Welcome to ENGR-103 - Engineering Design Laboratory III. My name is Richard Primerano and I am the lead instructor for the course. ENGR-103 has two components: a 1 hour lecture held on Mondays, and a 2 hour lab held some time Tuesday through Friday (a few of you working with external advisors will meet with your advisor weekly in place of attending a specific lab section). The course website ( contains information about the course including the syllabus, lecture slides, and other resources. The first lecture, Monday April 1, will cover the course format and deliverables in detail.

What you need for this course
- There is no textbook for this course
- Your group will need to maintain a journal as specified by your lab instructors in Week 1 lab.

For week 1
- Review the course syllabus, posted here (set the course dropdown in the upper right corner to ENGR 103):
- By the end of your first lab meeting, you are expected to have formed a group and declared your project

For week 2
- You must submit a project proposal before lab
- You must have set up and begun populating your group's blog before lab
- Guidelines for both of these are available here (set the course dropdown in the upper right corner to ENGR 103):

You are encouraged to bring your laptop to your lab section but this is not required.

I will generally send weekly emails to you with important course related announcements. If you have any course related questions, please email me at this address.