Week 6 announcements - website check, group info sheets, draft final report

Please be aware of the following:

- There is a website check this week and you are expected to have your site up to date. See the website instructions and grading rubric (https://core.coe.drexel.edu/resources) for requirements.

- Group information sheets must be competed by Friday, 5/10. One member of your group must log into the BbLearn page for the Lecture section (not the lab) and complete a short information form. There is a ling on the front page titled " ENGR 103 Group Information". You are asked for the following:

--- Section Number - if you are on a Bossone lab section, choose the lowest lab section number of the two concurrent labs, e.g. for section 079/094, you should indicate 079.
--- Group Number
--- Group Topic -  the title of your project
--- Group Members
--- Blog Address
--- Advisors Name

- Draft final reports are due next week. See the course website for the template and grading rubric.