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Recent Announcements

Week 10 announcements: no classes Thanksgiving week, competition/final reports, open lab

A few Week 10 related announcements:

No classes in week 10 - There will be no lecture on Monday, 11/25 and no labs the remainder of the week. Please use Monday as an opportunity to test your mazes during open lab.

Competition and Final Report due in Week 11 - You are responsible for adhering to all competition and report guidelines. Guidelines, template, and rubric are all posted on the course website.

Open labs in Week 10 - Labs will be open 9am-5pm on Monday AND Tuesday of the coming week. The Lebow lab will be open first, and if needed, the Bossone 6th floor labs will also be open.

Drexel Smart House - At the start of Week 8 lecture, representatives form Drexel Smart House spoke about getting involved in the organization. If you are interested in getting involved, please see the attached slides for group contact information.


Week 8 Announcements: Teamwork Assessment #2, Tilt Angle HW

A couple week 8 announcements:

Teamwork evaluation #2 is due this week. This is required. Please make sure to log into BbLearn, click "Assignments" then "Teamwork Evaluation (WK8)".

Tilt angle homework is due at the start of this week's lab. This is posted on the course resources page under the Week 7 Homework column.

Issues viewing the Week 7 lecture learning module - If you have attempted the Week 7 learning module, you will receive credit for Week 7 lecture attendance. Please disregard the grade that is shown in the Lecture section gradebook related to that assignment. I will review the quiz questions in tomorrow's lecture.