Week 9 info: open lab time, design groups looking for members, teamwork evals

Please note the following.
Open Lab Times for Week of 3-3
Note the additional open lab times and locations for this week.
Monday, March 3, 9 am - 5 pm in Lebow 132 for Robotics and Bridge
Tuesday, March 4, 10 am - 2pm in Main 005 for Robotics
Wednesday, March 5, 9 am - 1 pm in Lebow for 132 Robotics and Bridge
Thursday, March 6, 10 am - 2pm in Main 005 for Robotics

ENGR-103 Projects Looking for Students
The following externally advised groups are looking for additional members. If interested, please contact the listed member directly.

Haptic Interface Design for the Simulation of Hand Motion
The goal of the project is to design an attachment for the existing Force Dimension OMEGA.3 haptic interface, to extend its functionality.  Specifically, the attachment will allow the interface to create touch sensations on the user's fingertip, which will simulate sliding one's finger along objects of various shapes and textures.  This project is a multi-disciplinary task, as C++ programming, microcontroller programming, electronics design, CAD/3D printing, and MATLAB data analysis will be utilized to design and test this device. Interested students should contact Gabriel Casciato (gjc47@drexel.edu).

Remote Structural Analysis by Optical Heads Up Displays and Autonomous Unmanned Ariel Vehicles.
This project willuse Google Glass to control and interact with an Autonomous Unmanned Ariel Vehicle.The project will involve writing Google Glass Android based applications. Interested students should apply to learn and test real life structures and analyze them over time through collected data. Interested students should contact Jacob Zeitzew (jjz45@drexel.edu).

Teamwork Evaluation #2 due this week

Metagenomics Course
In last Monday's lecture, Dr. Gail Rosen (gailr@coe.drexel.edu) presented a course sequence being offered in the fall. Please see the attached slides for information about the course and contact Dr. Rosen with any questions.