Announcements & Midterm Project Requirements

The midterm requirements and report example are posted on the course
website under week 4. The grading breakdown for the project is on the
last page of the course syllabus.

Here is important information related to the project and the course:

1) Midterm Due Date
The project is due by Friday 5/1/2015 at 8 pm for all sections.
You must submit a pdf report and dwg file to Bblearn before the
deadline in order to receive credit for the project. NO LATE

2) Project Help
Please start your project before class week 4 and come to lab to
obtain help with the project.

3) Multiline Tool
The week 4 lecture and textbook use the Multiline tool in AutoCAD to
create floor plans but for the midterm project I suggest that you do
not use this tool. Instead I suggest watching the tutorial below and
use offset instead.

Multiline alternative tutorial:

4) Architectural tool palette
Use the architectural tool palette to easily add extra features to
your floorplan. You can find it by going to: Tools menu > Palettes >
Tool Palettes > Architectural tab on the palette

5) Creo starting week 5
Make sure you have Creo 2.0 installed before the end of week 4 in
order to do the week 5 lecture. You can obtain help installing the
program in Lebow 132 from 9a to 5p on Mondays.

6) Attendance
Attendance week 4 will be optional for those that need help with the
midterm project or other assignments since there is not a specific
assignment for week 4 lab.