Week 8 Announcement

Dear Class,
Welcome to week 8! In addition to your projects this week, the second and final teamwork assessment is due this week.
Teamwork assessment #2: The second teamwork assessment should be visible to you starting tomorrow (5/19) and will be available for you to complete until Saturday (5/23) at11:59pm. 
Week 9 lecture​: There is no lecture next week due to Memorial day. The next lecture for the course will be the final lecture during week 10 on Monday June 1. Please be sure to attend this lecture for information regarding the final reports and final presentations. 
That's it for course logistics for now. Next week I will send out some information regarding the scheduling of the final presentations. If you have questions about any of the above, or other course-related inquiries, as usual please don't hesitate to email Paul (psk25@drexel.edu) and myself with your questions. Good luck in lab this week, and I will see you soon!