Welcome to ENGR 100

​Hello ENGR 100 students,

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to ENGR 100: Introduction to Computer Aided Design. It is extremely important that you read this email in its entirety or you will have problems during your first lab and it will negatively affect your grade for the course. Since there is no live lecture for this class, it is your responsibility to stay on top of the information sent to you via email.

The course website has been created, and documents have been posted online: http://core.coe.drexel.edu/engr100/resources 


  1. ​​You MUST bring your laptop to lab each week, there WILL NOT be any other computers available to you during lab. If you do not bring your laptop, you will not be able to participate in lab and will lose credit for assignments that day.
  2. Make sure you get the software working BEFORE lab next week (either installed locally on your laptop or verify that Citrix is working for you...see the Introduction Slides linked below for more information).​
  3. Make sure you have the textbook for the course before next week (term week 2).

Please be sure to review the following BEFORE lab next week: 

  1. ​​Course Syllabushttp://core.coe.drexel.edu/engr100/sites/core.coe.drexel.edu.engr101/files/downloads/files/ENGR%20100%20Syllabus%2009232015.pdf​
  2. Introduction Slides: http://core.coe.drexel.edu/engr100/sites/core.coe.drexel.edu.engr101/files/downloads/files/Introduction%20to%20ENGR%20100%20lecture%20slides.pdf
As you know, there are no labs this week, and thus no assignments are due this week. Please look over the materials above and watch the first lecture before your first lab next week (term week 2).
Note that all weeks have been shifted due to the pope's visit, so the weeks listed on the course website correspond to the LAB WEEK, not the TERM WEEK (e.g. Week 1 as shown in the course resources on the course website corresponds to Week 2 of the term). The schedule in the syllabus reflects the correct weeks and dates.
The head TA and coordinator for the course is Bin Lei (bin.lei@drexel.edu) please contact him and myself for general course related inquiries. Questions regarding your particular lab assignments should go to your TA and you will find out who that is during your labs next week.
Again, please make sure you carefully read through everything above and that you come to lab next week prepared to use AutoCAD on your laptop. 
Professor Terranova