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Recent Announcements

Week 9 announcement

Dear ENGR 101 students,

This week you will be finishing the deliverables for the Engineering Solution Module in lab. In addition, you must also complete the third and final teamwork assessment on BbLearn after your lab, but before the deadline Sunday at 11:59 pm. Today's lecture slides are online and you can also find a template for the Budget and Bill of Materials needed for your project this week in lab. 

Next week there is NO LAB due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Next week there is also NO LECTURE during your normal lecture time, but Dr. Youngmoo Kim has agreed to give a guest lecture that Monday (11/23) at 12 pm in the Main Auditorium. Please make every effort to attend this guest lecture. 

Remember to again bring your laptops to lab this week. See you all in the Studio!



Week 8 announcement

Dear ENGR 101 students,
Congratulations everyone on finishing their Rube Goldberg devices last week! With the 2DRG behind us, we now move to the final module in the course, the Engineering Solution Module. There is a lot of important information in this email, so be sure to carefully read through all the announcements.
Below you will find announcements regarding the following: 
  1. ​Engineering Solution Module expectations
  2. ENGR 102 registration information
  3. Design brief #3 (due this week)
  4. The Innovation Studio survey (due this week) 
1. Engineering Solution Module expectations:
You were expected to brainstorm about your Engineering Solution project during lab last week. If you did not have time, or have not developed a plan as of yet, you MUST make an effort between now and your lab this week to CHOOSE A PROJECT, and develop a PLAN with your group members. You don't want to show up to lab this week and spend half the time developing the plan before you begin working on the 2 sketches and the Gantt chart due this week during lab.
Each of the aforementioned items (Sketches, Gantt chart, Budget, BoM) count as sign-off items. We are looking to see if you can think critically, and be detail-oriented when completing each of the activities. Below are more specific requirements for each assignment:
Each group will create 2 sketches for the project they've chosen which will include a "big picture" sketch and a "detail picture" sketch. You should be able to describe the elements presented in your sketches, and discuss your rationale for choosing those elements.
Gantt chart:
Your group will create a Gantt Chart to forecast all activities required to complete your project. We will be looking for the required tasks that may be completed in parallel and those that need to be completed in series. You should be able to briefly explain those tasks that can be done simultaneously or in parallel and why other tasks must be done in sequence or series to complete the project. Look on the course website under course resources for a template for your Gantt chart.
You will estimate all expenses required to complete their project including personnel costs, parts, materials, facilities, indirect costs, etc. Look on the course website under course resources for a template for your budget.
Bill of materials:
Your group must create a detailed parts list (bill of materials) required to accomplish your project. Look on the course website under course resources for a template for your bill of materials.
2. ENGR 102 registration information:
Now is the time to register for ENGR 102. The course is divided between two different projects: the NXT Robot Lab, and the Bridge Lab. Please refer to the following to know which lecture/lab to register for to join the project you are interested in:
  • ​NXT Robot Lab: Register for lecture section A or B; register for lab section between 061 - 072.
  • Bridge Lab: Register for lecture section C or D; register for lab section between 073 - 079.
3. Design brief #3:
The final design brief is due this week before the start of your lab section. Design brief #3 must contain your simple machine 4 design AND your alternative energy event design. Please be sure to adhere to the requirements detailed in previous lectures regarding the expectations for the design brief. 
4. The Innovation Studio survey:
This survey is a graded, required assignment. You have from now until Sunday (November 15) at 11:59 pm to complete it. Please follow this link to do the survey: https://drexel.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bJFzbWDWkMWXPIF.

That's all for now, make sure you are prepared for lab this week and good luck on your new projects! See you all in the Studio.