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Recent Announcements

Week 10 announcement

ENGR 102 students,

This is the final week for ENGR 102. This week you must submit your Final Report on Bblearn BEFORE the start of your lab, bring your lab notebook to be handed in, and come prepared for the final competition. 

Final Report

The Final Report template has been updated slightly on the course website (300 word limit for abstract, 5 page maximum DOES NOT include cover page with abstract OR references page). Make sure you use the template for your submission. The Final Report must be in PDF format and must be submitted to BbLearn BEFORE the start of this week's lab.



We will collect your lab notebook this week to grade weeks 5 - 9. We will not be re-grading the work you handed in from weeks 1 - 4, but we will be checking that you have submitted 15 (full page equivalent - see notebook guidelines on the course website) pages TOTAL for weeks 1 - 9. Your notebooks will be kept in the workstudy office in the Studio for you to pick up once all grading is complete. You can pick them up during your first lab of ENGR 103 if you prefer. You will be able to again use them in ENGR 103.


Fusion 360 Challenge

Today in lecture we talked about the Fusion 360 challenge which will be a required, graded component of ENGR 103. Details on how to submit a project can be found on Autodesk's website: https://academy.autodesk.com/design-for-autodesk. Details on how to receive credit for your submission can be found in this week's lecture slides available on the course website for ENGR 102. 


Here are some additional resources to get you going on your Fusion 360 project:

Download Fusion 360 for free: www.autodesk.com/workshop

System requirements: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/fusion-360/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-Autodesk-Fusion-360.html


Activate Fusion as an Education License



Fusion 360 Learning Resources


Fusion Tutorials

Good luck with your final push to finish the term. Remember, do your best to schedule your study time accordingly to optimize your success and minimize stress during this week and finals week. I can speak for all of the instructors for this course that we all wish the very best for you all and hope that you succeed in all of your courses! 




Week 9 announcement

ENGR 102 students,

Today in lecture we went over several different opportunities for external projects you can do in ENGR 103. Sherry from EPICS shared several opportunities that can be a way for you to engage and give back to the Philadelphia community. I highly encourage you to consider doing a community project like those discussed today. To find out more, please reach out to Sherry Levin at slevin@coe.drexel.edu


*Note that Sherry mentioned today that there is funding available to groups doing projects through EPICS.


We also discussed how the Final Report should be structured, and below is some more information regarding the Final Report, other deliverables, and external projects for ENGR 103.


Final Report

The Final Report is due by the beginning of your Week 10 lab (next week). The Final Report Template and Guide is available under course resources under week 9 on the course website. Please download and use this template as you have done in the past for the design briefs and final report last term. There is a lot of useful information in this week's lecture, and the slides are now available to download on the course website as well.


Teamwork assessments

This week you must complete your final teamwork assessment before the start of this week's lab. The assessment should be available under assignments on your BbLearn site for your lab section. 


Lab notebooks

You will be handing in your lab notebook during week 10 lab, so be sure to make sure your information fromweeks 5 - 9 is updated and addresses all the information we are looking for in the notebook guidelines found on the course website.


External project formation

The deadline for forming an external project, finding an advisor (at least one advisor must be a faculty member), and submitting the external advisor form to me (which can be done over email), has been extended until March 14. If you have a project in mind, but are having trouble identifying other students to work with, consider posting a 3-4 sentence project description here: http://goo.gl/forms/y8MfAK6KVN. All students in the course will then be able to view your project description by looking here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1d9rVadxXqgqe07PAI9b0aOBUZEjXH1fmcv40Na9YLYU/viewanalytics?usp=form_confirm


Remember, next week is the last open lab (Monday 9 am - 5 pm), so if you need to use the arenas or the bridge test rigs after your lab this week, you must get into the Studio next Monday to finish your design work. Note that it will most likely be VERY BUSY next Monday, so be sure to get there early if you need to use Monday's open lab time.


Good luck with this final push for your designs, and I hope to see some well-crafted Final Reports, as you have had some experience creating them now. 






Week 8 Announcement

ENGR 102 students,

Congratulations on finishing the preliminary competitions last week! There were a lot of exciting moments, and a lot of impressive bridges and robots. I have a couple announcements to make regarding the grading of the preliminary competitions (robots) and the grading of the final competition (bridge), and some comments on ENGR 103 below.


Robot lab:

Extra credit opportunity for groups that did not deliver any canisters in the preliminary competition:
  • Groups that can demonstrate the ability of their robot to autonomously locate, capture and transport a canister (of either color) to the correct location and deliver it successfully can receive additional points added onto theirpreliminary competition grade.
    • Demonstrate it this week in lab (or to a fellow in open lab) = 10 points
    • Demonstrate it next week in lab (or to a fellow in open lab) = 5 points


Bridge lab:

Bridge lab extra credit opportunity for the final competition:
To up the ante for the week 10 bridge competition, we are now offering additional extra credit for those teams whose designs go beyond expectations. 
For adjusted bridge performances (ABPs) below the $7000 threshold during the final competition, additional points will be added onto the week 10 competition grade based on the following:
$6499 - $5500 = 5 points
$5499 - $4500 = 10 points
$4499 and below = 15 points


ENGR 103:

You should be registering for your sections for ENGR 103. Below is some information regarding registration and group formation:


Dr. Wrenn's section

Dr. Wrenn was previously scheduled to cover section 077. This section has been cancelled, and it has been replaced with section 079, which will meet Wednesdays from 3 pm - 4:50 pm. If you signed up for section 077, you need to drop out of that section and add yourself to section 079 if you still want to be in Dr. Wrenn's section, which supports any freshman design project (no theme).


External projects

  • External advisor form extension: As you know, you must submit an external advisor form to get approved for an external project. I am extending the deadline from February 29 to March 14 to give you a couple more weeks to find the right opportunity.
  • Project advertisement​: Many of you are creating your own projects, and some of you are having trouble finding the right group members. We will be setting up a section on the course website to advertise your project to the entire class. If you email me a 3 - 4 sentence description of your project, I will post it so that the whole class (850+ students) will see it and attract interest. I will be posting other project opportunities I receive from external companies there as well.
Be sure to make the best use of your time in the Studio this week, and remember open labs are on Mondays from 9 am - 5 pm. 




Week 7 Announcement

ENGR 102 students,

This announcement for week 7 is early to give you all the information you need for next week's competitions now. There have been a couple clarifications to the competition rules which warranted updating the competition rules for each of the modules, and there is some other needed information you can find below. 


Your bridge/robot must be ready at the beginning of your lab period next week. Teams will be chosen at random to begin the competition, and the timing of everything is critical so you must be prepared to start immediately. 



Changes to the Competition Rules document​

  1. The section "Additional Rules" section was replaced with the "Design Constraints and Requirements" section from the module overview document. The latter section more thoroughly described the constraints and requirements.
  2. The price of each gusset plate regardless of shape or color is $1000. (This actually was not a change, just a clarification.)
  1. The Design Brief for your bridge is worth 60% of the competition grade. Be sure to use the template available on the course website under week 7's course resources. A Bill of Materials template is also available for you to use. You must present this at the time of your competition.
  2. You must be able to assemble your bridge from the sections in under 5 minutes.
  3. The Competition Scorecard has been posted under week 7's resources on the course website. Take a look at it so you know how we are scoring your performance.


Changes to the Competition Rules document​

  1. There has been an important addendum to the "Intentional Delivery" rule (Additional Rules, 5.b.i and 5.b.ii). To count as an Intentional Delivery, the robot must back away after dropping off the canister.
  2. There has been the addition of a Hands off!​ rule (Additional Rules, 8). "Once a match begins, no hands in the arena. Interference with any object in the arena during a match will result in a disqualification."
  3. Details on extra credit added to page 3.
  4. Wording clarification in the first sentence of Additional Rules, 1. "...the instructor or fellow will require the robot to be removed from the arena."
  1. ​​The Competition Scorecard has been posted under week 7's resources on the course website. Take a look at it so you know how we are scoring your performance.
  2. Be sure your battery is charged.

Good luck to all of the teams, and be sure to make use of the open lab on Monday (get there early!).