Week 10 announcement

ENGR 102 students,

This is the final week for ENGR 102. This week you must submit your Final Report on Bblearn BEFORE the start of your lab, bring your lab notebook to be handed in, and come prepared for the final competition. 

Final Report

The Final Report template has been updated slightly on the course website (300 word limit for abstract, 5 page maximum DOES NOT include cover page with abstract OR references page). Make sure you use the template for your submission. The Final Report must be in PDF format and must be submitted to BbLearn BEFORE the start of this week's lab.



We will collect your lab notebook this week to grade weeks 5 - 9. We will not be re-grading the work you handed in from weeks 1 - 4, but we will be checking that you have submitted 15 (full page equivalent - see notebook guidelines on the course website) pages TOTAL for weeks 1 - 9. Your notebooks will be kept in the workstudy office in the Studio for you to pick up once all grading is complete. You can pick them up during your first lab of ENGR 103 if you prefer. You will be able to again use them in ENGR 103.


Fusion 360 Challenge

Today in lecture we talked about the Fusion 360 challenge which will be a required, graded component of ENGR 103. Details on how to submit a project can be found on Autodesk's website: https://academy.autodesk.com/design-for-autodesk. Details on how to receive credit for your submission can be found in this week's lecture slides available on the course website for ENGR 102. 


Here are some additional resources to get you going on your Fusion 360 project:

Download Fusion 360 for free: www.autodesk.com/workshop

System requirements: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/fusion-360/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-Autodesk-Fusion-360.html


Activate Fusion as an Education License



Fusion 360 Learning Resources


Fusion Tutorials

Good luck with your final push to finish the term. Remember, do your best to schedule your study time accordingly to optimize your success and minimize stress during this week and finals week. I can speak for all of the instructors for this course that we all wish the very best for you all and hope that you succeed in all of your courses!