Week 6 announcement

ENGR 101 students,


Please read this email in its entirety, as it contains important information regarding the course and the Innovation Studio. 


Equipment amnesty day

Even though there is a clear policy to NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE INNOVATION STUDIO (with the exception of complex K'NEX parts), many items have gone missing and other groups are suffering because of it. If you have any Studio equipment (thumbscrew bolts, golfballs, ping pong balls, fans, motors, etc.), please return them ASAP. No questions will be asked, just please return this stuff immediately.


Studio equipment

If you need to use any of the power tools in the Studio, YOU MUST DO SO UNDER SUPERVISION. Find the co-op (Joe), or have your section instructor or fellow supervise your use of the equipment. If you are not familiar or if you are uncomfortable using the equipment, you must let us know so that we can best assist you.


Due this week

This week your team should be submitting your second design brief on SM2 and SM3. In lab, your team should be finishing up your 2DRG machine. Specifically, you need to demonstrate your SM4 and your alternative energy event. Make sure you test and verify that your entire machine works before next week's lab.


Next week 

In your Week 7 lab, you will be asked to demonstrate your 2DRG. It must conform to all the requirements laid out in the 2DRG Module Overview. You will get ONE attempt to demonstrate your device's performance. Your machine will be graded on the following:

  1. ​Contains 2 approved fabricated parts
  2. Contains 4 simple machines
  3. Contains 1 "cantilevered" part that is part of an event
  4. Contains 1 alternative energy event
In addition to the above, you will be graded on the performance during your ONE attempt by judging the number of times you (someone from your group) intervenes with the machine's performance. For example, a ball gets stuck between SM2 and SM3 and you have to nudge it with your finger (this counts as 1 intervention). Another example would be one of the events not working as expected and you have to adjust something to make it work (this counts as 1 intervention). For zero interventions, you can receive an equivalent of 5 sign-off items here - if you intervene five times, you will receive a zero sign-off items here. Take a look at the Weekly Sign-off Sheet on the course website for a list of the sign-off items possible for Week 7. We will also go over this in lecture next week.
Teamwork Assessments versus Leadership Surveys
There has been some confusion regarding these two surveys. To be clear, the Teamwork Assessments are due weeks 4 and 8 and they can be found on BbLearn during those weeks under the "Assignments" tab. The Leadership Surveys are sent out the weeks of 2, 5, and 7 via email. Look for the third and final Leadership Survey in your inbox Monday (10/31) around 6 pm. We will also go over this in lecture next week. 
Open Labs

There is a special open labs this weekend! Saturday (10/29) from 12 pm  - 4 pm the Studio can be accessed from the JFK Blvd side (through the rear "forbidden" doors). Please use this time to work on your projects so you aren't waiting until the last minute! Also don't forget to take advantage of our normal Open Labs next Monday (10/31) from 9 am - 5 pm. I know it's Halloween, but don't be afraid of coming in!



Good luck getting your machine finished,