Final Project Submission

Final Project Submission

Postby nt65 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:54 pm

The final project guidelines and example are on the course website. You should be submitting two things to bblearn:
1) PDF of report with screenshots in it
2) All part files and assembly file

It is best to submit your Creo files as a zip file. To do this:
1) Install a zip program if you don't have one (use
2) Place all part files and assembly in one folder
3) Right click on the folder and select the option to zip or compress the folder.
On lab computers > right click on folder > send to > "compressed (zipped) folder"

To create a PDF file:
1) Create a word document with all text and images
2) Save as > pdf file type

Final project requirements:

Final project report example:
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